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HR 2010: The Year Of Value Creation

I thank you dear readers for the overwhelming success of the 1st Annual Issue of the The Human Factor. We received the largest number of Letters To The Editor ever, mostly appreciating our efforts..... Read More


HR Factored
The Guru of Fast-Growth Companies

Verne Harnish started out young by helping his father in their appliance repair business at the age of 15. He completed his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, while working for a USD 12 million HVAC supplier, spending about seven.......  Read More

Executive Focus
HR at RBE: A BIG Deal

Entering Reliance Big Entertainment’s office at Mumbai, the first thing that we notice is the use of colour all over the workplace. There seems to be a amount of positivity in the air, and the people around seem to be really energised even....... Read More

Voice Vote
The Right Information Behaviour

In the last century we have been able to exchange large amounts of information between people. Earlier, all communication was done in the physical presence of senders and receivers, resulting in two major advantages....... Read More

HR Decision
A Question Of Transparency

When individuals join a company, they want to know how their career will progress - vertically and horizontally. This was the first issue to be addressed when we initiated a competency-based career management system about two years back......... Read More

Opinion Piece
Get Back To Business As Usual

As the global recession hopefully makes its way out, organisations are beginning to face different sets of challenges, especially with respect to talent management. The approaches taken by managements over the past 12 to 18 months ........  Read More

At The Helm
Affordable Luxury: Coming Soon To India

He is a veteran of the hospitality industry, and during the long journey through his professional career, he has played an array of roles in diverse organisations. From Morgan Stanley to some of the world’s leading chains..... Read More

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