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Indranil Das, Editor
Rewards & Recognition times

As the job markets improve, organisations in general and human resource personnel in particular need to shift gears to innovate and improve on their total employee benefits programme to attract ........... Read More


Executive Focus
Executive Focus
Keeping with the times

With 17 years of experience in HR, Preethi Madappa has immense contribution in bringing Intel the Great Place to Work®, 2013 trophy..........  Read More

The Middle Eye
Traits of Excellence

Q.Tell us about your business legacy, starting 1939.

A. My great grandfather started the business of textiles, Marwadi Stores........... Read More

Voice Vote
Voice Vote
Performance Management Revisited

Imagine a young and healthy male stating proudly that he could long jump four feet. Would you be impressed? Hardly! Why? You know four feet is not a big deal. The world record for men’s long jump............ Read More

Alternate HR
Hitting it high and hard!

When I was 18, my pocket money was... Rs. 1500
When I was 18, I would dress up mostly in... Jeans and T-shirts............ Read More

Special Story
Product Feature
Humans, not robots

Q.How difficult is it to manage employees who come from different backgrounds?

It can be a challenge to manage employees from different backgrounds if the manager is not equipped with the following skill-set:...........; Read More

HR Decision
HR Factored

The bell may not ring

Organisations always strive for productivity gains. Making it measurable and continuous is every CEO’s dream, and the HR function comes under it..... Read More

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