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Indranil Das, Editor
Step up to the future

Technological innovation, globalisation, geographical shifts in economic power and the changing demographics of the working population,
has significantly changed the way work ........ Read More


HR Factored
HR Guru

Connecting several thousand professionals across the globe, HR Guru aims to bring them together on a common platform and provide a forum for discussing persistent problems and finding solutions to their queries. HR Guru seeks to provide guidance to budding professionals in dealing with their daily......  Read More

Executive Focus
The Middle Eye
Engineering HR, EN route

A graduate from Pantheon-Assas Paris II University, where he earned a DESS in personnel management, Mr. Bruno Guillemet started his career with the Sacilor Group in 1986. He moved on to Danone in 1989, where he managed the HR function....... Read More

Voice Vote
Voice Vote
People’s prudence put together

This year’s HR summit hosted by IHRD saw over 200 delegates from India and the Middle East deliberating on the theme Technology for HRM Effectiveness. Delivering the keynote address Srinivas Remella, Head- Strategic Planning and Operations, Reliance Industries Ltd. ........ Read More

Alternate HR
The All-Inclusive

When I was 18, my pocket money was... I did not get any pocket money, as I was earning.
When I was 18, my wardrobe was full of... T-shirts.
When I was 18, my walls had posters of... cricketers........... Read More

Product Feature
Product Feature
Work in style

Nokia 808 PureView Camera:
This camera is featured with automatic, scenes and creative shooting mode. It is fully compatible with PureView mode (8 MP, 5 MP, or 2 MP) or full resolution (38 MP uncompressed) mode.........; Read More

Global Perspective
HR Factored

What’s my health worth?

The financial outlook is starting to see brighter days ahead, and companies are becoming increasingly generous with benefits for employees.<BR><BR>
Although business leaders are still in the habit of keeping costs low, organisations are learning how to provide for staff in innovative........ Read More

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