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Cover Story

May 2012

Fast Forward!
Crystal-Gazing tomorrow’s workplace
Setting up goals for a bright tomorrow is imperative for any business. And for this, it is important to know the trends shaping the future. One such trend speaks that the physical workspace is not onl.... Read More

Turning Talent Into Organisational Assets
Dhananjay Nair (General Manager – HR, Ford India) says organisations need to adopt world-class processes that enable remote supervision and management of people
Q. What factors have redefined the workplace?
A. Virtual teams are quite common in today’s workplace, and usually come along with challenges like remote supervision and cross-cultur....
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The Past, Present & Future of workplace
The concept of regular employment, a formal office and career growth will disappear
During the Industrial Revolution, employers were known to make their men work in inhuman conditions, maximise their factory output, pay bare minimum wages, and any kind of benefits were unimaginable. .... Read More

Knowledge, The blueprint of future office
Pramod Chandrashekhar (Head – Learning & Development, Wells Fargo India Solutions) highlights that with insatiable appetite for knowledge in today’s youth, organisations of the future are going to resemble universities
Why cannot we ‘withdraw knowledge’ 24/7 like we withdraw cash from ATMs? I looked with an undisguised expression of surprise at this 20-something techie, the originator of the question. He was making .... Read More

Winds of change!
Various technological developments and office practices today will change the way how we collaborate and make the business work in the times to come, writes Sanghamitra Khan
The new office or the future office – brings to mind a host of possibilities. The mere idea of how ‘office’ is going to look like – consider two decades from now – has caught the fancy of organisation.... Read More

Early bird wins!
Meenakshi Roy (Sr. Vice-President – Human Resources, Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd.) motivates India Inc. to invest in smart offices as she provides a foundation for handling the future employees’ needs
Q. What is your idea of the office of the future? How can we start preparing for it?
A. Today, there is a evident shift from cubicles to collaboration-oriented office spaces. Open f....
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With vigour, more than ever
Ranjan Das (Director – HR, Henkel Adhesive technologies India PVT. LTD.) admits that today’s generation is more technology driven and most people want instant results
Q. What is your take on creating the future workplace?
A. The future workplace will be more self driven. Organisations would need to create their own markets; how innovative or diff....
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Virtually inspired digital nomads
The virtual office concept is favourable, as it enables professionals to take advantage of mobile technology to satisfy thirst for movement and travel, earning money and progressing, writes Arshiya Ismail
According to Hamilton Publishing, “You can dance in the dark, but unless you tell people you are dancing, no one will know. Don’t leave your business in the dark.” Being a nomad means independence an.... Read More

Preparing for the imminent
Ambarish Deshpande (Managing Director – India Sales, Blue Coat Systems) talks about the much-needed flexibility at work, checks and balances, and what the future employee will miss
Q. What are the current trends that predict the needs of the future employee?
A. From the perspective of an IT enterprise, it is a very controlled environment – most of the times or....
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A Challenging Way Ahead For HR
T. Dev Joshi, Group President – HR, LNJ Bhilwara Group
The fast-changing socio-economic and political scenario across the globe is influencing the needs of human beings and is getting reflected in their thinking, aspirations and approach to life. Thus, th.... Read More

The push to explore
Surabhi Mathur-Gandhi, Senior Vice-President, TeamLease Services Pvt. Ltd.
The last five years have witnessed a dynamic transformation in the workplace environment with the multitude advent of the Generation Y workers. In a lateral shift of expectations surpassing money and.... Read More

Preparing A Model For Tomorrow’s Workplace
As we prepare ourselves for future, the prospects and opportunities ahead would start unveiling with time and the pace can be easily accelerated. Our Present endeavours will help organisations slide smoothly into the new age, discusses Shishir Parasher
Howard Stark, father of Tony Stark in Iron Man 2, had a vision to build a future place to work and live. But in a video recorded for Tony he admitted that he was restricted by the technology of his ti.... Read More

Time does not count, outcome does
Murali Santhanam, (Executive Vice-President – Group Human Resources, Cavinkare Pvt. Ltd.) talks about the advent of the ‘mobile employee’ in today’s work culture and how we should prepare ourselves to adopt and adapt
Q. What is your take on the evolving concept of ‘office’? How do you see it in the times to come?
A. Five years back, I had said that the concept of ‘office’ – a brick and mortar bu....
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On discovery path for the time ahead
Jeanne C. Meister (Partner, Future Workplace) feels that a collaborative approach at the workplace is must to build the future; from redefining teams to managing everyday business processes
Q. How will you define a future office? How different will it be from today’s workplace?
A. Organisations need to rethink their approach when it comes to redefining the ‘workspace’ ....
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Flexibility is opportunity
Dr. Jorg Matthias Grossmann, Executive Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer, Freudenberg Chemical Specialities KG
Q. How will the changing psychology of the employees shape the workplace of the future?
A. IT and modern communication media have a big impact on the mindset and behaviour of quali....
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Exploring the third generation of HR
Chaitali Mukherjee (Country Manger, Right Management, Manpower Group) writes on the trends of today and tomorrow describing how workplaces are changing and how HR can play an instrumental role in the whole process
The age-old rhyme, ‘work while you work, and play while you play, that is the way to be happy and gay’ has perhaps set the context of how we grew up looking at our lives.

These days a workpl....
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