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Virtually inspired digital nomads
The virtual office concept is favourable, as it enables professionals to take advantage of mobile technology to satisfy thirst for movement and travel, earning money and progressing, writes Arshiya Ismail
Issue Date - 01/07/2012
According to Hamilton Publishing, “You can dance in the dark, but unless you tell people you are dancing, no one will know. Don’t leave your business in the dark.” Being a nomad means independence and freedom. It means continuously gaining new experiences, full-time education, making connections, having new opportunities, doing self-experiments, it is all put together into one. Massive, it is. Working but still vagabonding about the world, exploring the depth of your country, having an open mind and facing challenges – all of which has added a new dimension to our working environment thus turning it into a fast moving virtual system. Being nomadic is not just being in a constant state of movement but having a nomadic mindset.

When the thought of virtual office comes into mind, it brings with it the uncertainties resulting in a number of questions. Will we have a hard time transitioning from our current office space into the world of virtual offices? Are we a little hesitant to make that leap? If so, it is understandable, as for many of us, the mere thought of leaving our traditional physical offices behind is like of chopping off an arm or leg. In actuality, though, if one analyses, a more virtual working environment is like giving oneself an extra arm or leg. The freedom, cost-saving and time management benefits of working virtually can change one’s work life for the better, making it the ideal choice for so many.

According to a review given by Espaces.com, there are a multitude of reasons why the workers of today’s world should focus on giving up, ‘the office’. For starters, think about how many offices sit empty, for long periods of time. E-spaces recommend trying the following experiment, for proof: For the next few days, every couple of hours walk the hallways of your building or any office building in the area and note the offices that are not occupied.

In today’s busy work environment we are constantly on the go – in meetings, travelling, vacationing, out sick, making client visits, but we still manage to meet the deadline. Why then should we be chained to our ‘offices’ when in most cases we do not appear to actually need them? Just think how productive we could be by leaving that office ball and chain in the dust and working virtually, from the place of our choice. If we retrospect, virtual office is an answer to a lot of our mundane worries that inevitably affect our performance. The virtual office is a solution to a number of relevant and related issues.

We all have faced instances of Monday morning blues. If we are a 9 to 5 officegoer, then it is not a new concept for us. How terribly unfortunate are we to feel disheartened at the thought of Monday rolling around again, signaling yet another week of more than 40 hours locked within those four-walled office rooms. The mere idea of having to report to the same uninspiring office space every day, year after year is a rather grim thought and completely daunting. The monotony alone is enough to suck the life out of anyone. Understanding that, you are left with two choices: either learn to love Mondays and the mundane routine, or give virtual workplace a try.

As John F. Kennedy famously said, “There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.” The brilliance of virtual workplace has made work a more productive pleasure and is better than languishing in the traditional office without being productive. This simple idea provides much of the foundation for what we do. The working world is changing, evolving to suit our growing tastes and preferences.

It is not natural for humans to be cooped up inside dreary, humdrum office buildings for more than 40 hours each week, and it most definitely seems silly to think we can get our best work done this way. With the virtual office, employees have the time to address their responsibilities in the way that suits their preferences and aptitudes the most. Imagine if you had the ability to work from the location of your choice, in your preferred surroundings and in the style that most suits you, you may never have to face Monday morning blues again.

The flexibility of being able to change and rearrange your office space, so that it suits to your preferences is refreshing. A virtual workspace gives us this kind of flexibility. Users can then change the locations and spaces in which they meet and work as often as they wish, and can change service options to suit their changing needs. While traditional office spaces can hold you back, this is designed to help you move forward.

We have to admit it that in today’s competitive, dog-eat-dog world of business, putting our best face forward to clients is undeniably important. We all dress to impress, and we want our office space to do the same. But rather than changing a colour scheme when we get bored or calling in an expensive demolition crew to reconstruct our office floor plan, why not join the jet-setting virtual office crowd and change our entire office location instead. Imagine Mumbai this minute, London tomorrow and then Paris. Does this sound too good to be true? It most definitely is worth giving a try!

Digital nomads who follow the virtual office concept defy the traditional office, work (almost) anywhere and have an enviable ability to take their work with them wherever they go. They are resourceful professionals who take full advantage of the wireless and mobile technology to satisfy their thirst for movement and travel, earning money and progressing simultaneously. It is no surprise then that the digital nomad lifestyle goes hand-in-hand with a virtual office.

By going virtual, today’s office workers are able to put a lot of green back into the world simply by saying no to wasteful offices buildings and empty work areas. By forgoing the standard, 9 to 5 traditional offices and opting for more mobile, virtual, or leased meeting spaces, we are not only able to experience a more independent work life for ourselves, but also are we able to significantly decrease our carbon footprints as well, thereby creating green sustainability. Going virtual is easy – think of it as a small step for you, but one large step for mankind and creating a more beautiful world.

“The sun, the moon and the stars would have disappeared long ago ... had they happened to be within the reach of predatory human hands.” These words by Havelock Ellis have so much depth but ironically has never been truly understood by the human mind. But better late than never, we ourselves have created a solution: virtual office for restoring the gift of nature and preserving it for generations to come.
Arshiya Ismail           

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