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A Challenging Way Ahead For HR
T. Dev Joshi, Group President – HR, LNJ Bhilwara Group
Issue Date - 01/07/2012
The fast-changing socio-economic and political scenario across the globe is influencing the needs of human beings and is getting reflected in their thinking, aspirations and approach to life. Thus, the human psychology is undergoing a change. With that, the value system, human behaviour and culture are evolving to suit the new demands; the visible changes in which, are a matter of study for appropriate HR approach and policy corrections to deal with their performance motivation. The rapid technological developments add another dimension to this change.

People look for an established brand image to be associated with. They would be conscious about the compensation and benefits being offered by the organisation. The organisation with growth agenda would be the preferred option, as the talent pool would aspire to reach a height of accomplishment in a given timeframe or else they would look for greener pastures elsewhere.

Under the changing socio-economic conditions, a good number of people would prefer to sail through their careers with the concept of ‘earn, learn and study’, which will set expectations and demands for time off, sponsorship, financial assistance, sabbaticals and varied privileges, monetary and non-monetary, for this purpose.

The workplace would be expected to be the best of physical environments with best standards of ergonomics. They would be expected to provide comfortable, cosy, creative and vibrant work stations necessary for performance motivation. Certainly no compromise would be expected on technology front.

Freedom to work, co-operative and knowledgeable colleagues, flexi timings, fun and relaxation joints, while responding to assigned responsibilities will be non-negotiable. With the evolving mindset, the generation will expect equal opportunity employers with freedom of exchanging views openly. They would expect enabling HR policies and a friendly equation with the bosses. It would also be an important consideration for such emerging mindset populace to be choosy about the organisation and the person they would work with. Leadership style would be a matter of discussion for an employment option.

Sayani Sinha Roy           

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