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The push to explore
Surabhi Mathur-Gandhi, Senior Vice-President, TeamLease Services Pvt. Ltd.
Issue Date - 01/07/2012
The last five years have witnessed a dynamic transformation in the workplace environment with the multitude advent of the Generation Y workers. In a lateral shift of expectations surpassing money and employer loyalty, they also stand at an advanced stage of technological maturity. They are passionately driven by personal, stimulating and rewarding experiences as well as work-life balance.

Role integration and multifunctional capability building are mushrooming organisational demands for resource optimisation. Economic uncertainty and expanding peripherals are pushing organisations to explore innovative options to fructify their business objectives. Keeping in-line with the changing dynamics, following are some of the interesting paradigm shifts within the corporate environment.

Flexiworking and work from home: These are no longer constrained by geographies or time-bound metrics and have begun to supersede existing boundaries to explore innovative and pragmatic styles of consultative working. A fine example is Deloitte’s Mass Career Customisation Programme, which creates a new paradigm of career development allowing employees in the firm to make choices around four major dimensions of career progression – role, pace, location and schedule, and workload. This enables them to calibrate each of these dimensions of their work experience to fit into their current aspirations and life circumstances.

BYOD (bring your own device): This employee-enablement model heralds an era of employee flexibility, open data access and advanced technology platforms. While organisations are trying to integrate this new system into their ecosystems, risk mitigation still remains the priority for organisations.

Reverse mentoring and linear hierarchy: By creating a collaborative culture and imaginative thought process, an organisation can hone the fresh creativity of the new age workforce, creating new learning platforms for older employees at the same time.

Contractual staffing: With a 30-35 per cent increase YOY, the last three years have been a radically changing platform for labour laws and regulatory compliance, creating a more employee- friendly and beneficial environment for the temporary worker.

Today’s need is to seamlessly align HR practices with the new age expectations, which can only succeed through a closer integration of HR practices with business objectives. People development has escalated as a key metric over the last two years in ensuring higher employee productivity and ROI. While companies benchmarked expansion and new product releases as their growth parameters, the focus is now on talent acquisition, employee retention and development.

Sanghamitra Khan           

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