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Indranil Das, Editor
Education and the System

Over the last few years it has been fashionable in India to say that the country is just not providing enough human capital to sustain its fairy tale growth story. In the corporate sector too, almost anyone that I get into a discussion with, with regards to human resources, ........ Read More


HR Factored
Developing a new breed of CXO leaders

The current state of flux in the world has resulted in increased expectations from CXOs. The stress of taking business to the next level has surfaced a need within companies to follow the best practices in developing these leaders so that they can learn how to future-proof organisations......  Read More

The Middle Eye
Quality is the best policy

Q. What was the thought process behind the brand ‘Rockland’?
A. We started with the vision of building Rockland as the most trusted healthcare brand nationally and internationally. Our aim was to provide quality services at the most reasonable rates. Establishing a brand is a gradual, tenuous process that requires perseverance, respect for people and high quality standardised services........ Read More

Voice Vote
Voice Vote
Freedom of mind is real empowerment

People are the repository of skill and knowledge, and the most valuable asset of an organisation. Hence, it is important to empower employees as it enables them to put on their thinking caps. At times, employees are sceptical of taking on newer challenges........ Read More

Alternate HR
That formal system

When I was 18, my pocket money was...
less than Rs 10.
When I was 18, my wardrobe was full of...
only formals............ Read More

Product Feature
Product Feature
Work in style

The product offers instant wake-up and battery-saving sleep mode with ‘xLOUD’ and ‘clear phase’ technologies. It has USB charging slot and ‘Exmor for PC’ HD web camera. .........; Read More

Opinion Piece
HR Factored

In search of that unique ingredient

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and assign them work, rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea, said Antoine de Saint-Exupery......... Read More

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