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Indranil Das, Editor
Decisions and the Process

A key feature that we have been running from the very inception of The Human Factor is ‘HR Decisions’. As a magazine focused on human resources, we have always felt that it was important to understand what were the decisions that human resource........ Read More


HR Factored
Finding your way to light

Laxmikanth Venkatraman has been a part of the IT industry since 1982. His experience spans software product development and support, marketing of IT products and services, business process outsourcing, human resources and systems administration. His expertise lies in......  Read More

The Middle Eye
Mindset matters

You have worked across sectors. What are the biggest HR challenges that you have come across?
A. HR challenges are similar across sectors. It all depends on what phase of time you work in that particular sector. Typically, talent retention and development remain one of the biggest challenges......... Read More

Voice Vote
Voice Vote
The New age learning

The 17th Annual Business Convention of MHROD (Master of Human Resource and Organizational Development) – MIB (Master of International Business), held on September 21 and 22, 2012, saw the best minds of the industry share their views on topical issues of industry......... Read More

Shooting Star
Alternate HR
That formal system

When I was 18, my pocket money was...
less than Rs 10.
When I was 18, my wardrobe was full of...
only formals............ Read More

Product Feature
Product Feature
Work in style

The product offers instant wake-up and battery-saving sleep mode with ‘xLOUD’ and ‘clear phase’ technologies. It has USB charging slot and ‘Exmor for PC’ HD web camera. .........; Read More

Opinion Piece
HR Factored

In search of that unique ingredient

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and assign them work, rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea, said Antoine de Saint-Exupery......... Read More

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