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Feeling Bullish on Governance

You may be wondering what corporate governance and executive compensation is doing as the cover story in a Human Resources magazine, and rightly so. An audacious statement it may be, but I would gladly say.... Read More


HR Factored
The Father of Indian HRD

Well, I didn’t exactly start my career in it, as there was no ‘HR’ back then! Psychology has always been a part of HR, and those of us who have introduced this concept to India (which also includes people like.....  Read More

Executive Focus
Express Yourself Better with HR at Bharti Airtel

In our quest to understand the story behind one of India’s fastest growing telecom giants, The Human Factor met with Krish Shankar, Director-Human Resources at Bharti Airtel. A company which has reached..... Read More

Voice Vote
Do Glass Ceilings Exist?

Girls sure seem to fare better than boys during their school days. When the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced the results of grade 10 examinations in 2008, girls outshone the boys yet again.... Read More

HR Decision
Smile, you’re on the phone!

Around two years back, our company worked hard on our performance improvement metrics, but the customer satisfaction scores were simply not good enough. Even our largest customers did not seem........ Read More

Opinion Piece
HR Has to Think Big for Growth

I wanted to share with the readers my experiences at the recently concluded ISTD Southern Regional Conference, wherein the discussion focussed on whether the future of HR is more transformational or transactional in nature.....  Read More

At The Helm
Ronald in India: I’m Lovin’ It!

Ask any McDonald’s employee the address of his corporate office and he will begin the answer with ‘The location of my corporate home is…’ Yes, you read it right. McDonald’s employees have rechristened their office as their corporate home.... Read More

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