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Indranil Das, Editor
The Skills Gap Challenge

A lot has been written about the skill gap between what the industry wants and what the education system produces in India. Our government has been proactive in terms of planning ways and means to bridge this gap......... Read More


Executive Focus
Executive Focus
What is your HR trick?

Having started at a young age, Mr. Nitin Bhat has come a long way. He is currently Genpact’s Vice-President and HR Shared Services Leader. In this role, he oversees hiring of over 20,000 resources annually for Genpact in over 20 countries.......  Read More

The Middle Eye
Art of work

Q. “Take care of the associates, and they’ll take good care of the guests, and the guests will come back” - J Willard Marriott said many years ago. How much is Marriott still following the words of its founder?
A. Part of Marriott’s success is driven by its development of......... Read More

Voice Vote
Voice Vote
The healing touch

Tell us about the health care initiatives you want to take up in India?
A. A team of doctors, businessmen and philanthropists have come from the UK to analyse and study the current health care delivery models in India. We have analysed the Indian medical education, training and delivery of......... Read More

Alternate HR
Thank God it’s monday
Do you hate Monday mornings and thank God for Friday evenings? You are not alone, there are thousands of professionals who share your views on these two days of week. Let me help you take a fresh look at this conventional thought and see if we can thank the Almighty that it is a Monday. ............ Read More

Product Feature
Product Feature
Work in style

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Polar Heart Rate Monitor guides you through each workout. It measures detailed information about your performance with its unique features.........; Read More

HR Factored
HR Factored

No substitute for experience

Regarded among the most acclaimed educators and contributors to the leadership philosophy, Orrin Woodward earned his Bachelor of Science degree in manufacturing systems at the Kettering University and business administration training from the University of Michigan.......... Read More

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