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Employees First. Always.

Well-meaning organisations have always strived to ensure that employees are broadly satisfied with their working conditions; somewhat reminiscent of a benevolent feudal set up... Read More


HR Factored
The Difficulty of Being a Guru: A Walk to Remember

Gurcharan Das – author, consultant, public intellectual. He hates being called a guru: “Gurus are people who are Good at Understanding, but Relatively Useless”, he says. This coming from the man who has the word Guru.....  Read More

Executive Focus
iGATE: What It Takes to Be the Best Employer

A company that has been known for servicing intensive IT projects for more than a decade now, iGATE Corporation is more than your average IT firm. This company has been ranked as the number one employer in the IT industry for the year 2008.... Read More

Voice Vote
Trust: The Cornerstone of Leadership

Take a cursory look at today’s business news headlines and you might conclude that we are facing a crisis of leadership. Wall Street executives earn huge salary bonuses as American financial heavyweights collapse..... Read More

HR Decision
Radical Cultural Shift Worked

When I joined, the hotel was not doing well. The owners had invested lot of money in hiring new managers in order to bring about a change. At that time, there was an insecurity among the employees; the fear of losing their jobs........ Read More

Opinion Piece
What is the Organisation Worth?

We are in the midst of an economic downturn, with bearish stocks, inflation at a record high, rampant job cuts and the general mood of gloom and insecurity in the economy. It comes as no surprise that the PM has intervened.....  Read More

At The Helm
Do It Right the First Time

We at The Human Factor recently had a very interesting interaction with Mr. Rajesh Sud, the CEO of Max New York Life Insurance, to find out exactly how the company has positioned itself on the platform of quality.... Read More

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