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What’s in a name? Everything???
Arundhati Banerji, Consulting Editor - DTDIY | Issue Date - 03/02/2012

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their kids are special and unique, give their child a vision to live up to and it could definitely serve to inspire.

In case any of you thought I’ve forgotten that I’m writing for an HR magazine and not for a baby name book, let me assure you that it all starts at that stage. Before you decide to discover the diamond in you and others, it’s important to believe that there is one inside you. Naming right is like planting the diamond inside. However just naming someone right doesn’t always help or else Dawood Ibrahim would not be what he is today. A constant reminder about living up to one’s name is more important Recruiters should keep in mind that a candidate with a name that matters and an attitude to match, will often prove to be a worthy investment. I repeat, that a name that fits, is of little value on its own, but if the individual seems to have been nurtured in a fashion that the name serves to inspire, then you might well be looking at a rising star. Just ask a Barry John or an Aziz Mirza who saw that self -belief in a young Shahrukh or the Macedonian soldiers who saw that fire in a young Alexander’s eyes and believed in him and his name, enough to follow him to the ends of the Earth. And it all began with the day they were named!

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