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Discover The Diamond In You

Cover Story

Boardroom Leadership : How leaders lead leaders

In this issue of Discover the Diamond in You, we bring to you Voices & Viewpoints of heads of five Indian corporations, on the much debated issue of Boardroom leadership
What recently happened at Hewlett Packard Company did not surprise many. Tussles in the boardroom of HP has become a regular affair for onlookers. [Yes, we're referring to the shocker of an ousting of... Read More

"I talk to my ceo five times a day"

Pankaj Munjal, Managing Director, Hero Motors Ltd., says that inspirational goal setting is what drives his organisation. he strongly believes that vision statements of utmost importance for a company. in an exclusive conversation, he shares his views on boardroom leadership
Q. Management experts have often said that leadership at the Boardroom level determines the success or failure of an organisation in the long run. In your view, how critical is this ideology and wh... Read More

"The Chairman & CEO should work together"

Amit Burman, Vice-Chairman, Dabur India Ltd., talks about how the board of directors and the top management team has over time, worked towards making the company CEO a great boardroom leader
Q. You are the Vice-Chairman at Dabur Foods. How does your CEO at Dabur take big budget decisions at the company? Does he consult the Board of management and other senior officials on a regular bas... Read More

"It's about ensuring a right balance"

Daizo Ito, President, Panasonic India, believes that today’s best practices in governance are aimed specifically at ensuring a right balance of leadership inside a corporate boardroom
Q. Panasonic has been operating in India for decades now. In fact, it has presence in almost all high-volume generating segments of the Indian consumer durables industry. But, does the Board of Dir... Read More

"Don't bring Pre-Decided Agendas"

After a most memorable stint in Yamaha India, Pankaj Dubey is in a different playing field now as he sets up operations of polaris in the country and presides over its boardroom meetings. he discusses the new role and how he is managing affairs in the boardroom
Q. From leading a team of marketing professionals at Yamaha to leading board members and senior officials at Polaris in India – how has this transformation been for you?
It has been ver...
Read More

"It is more challenging to handle the management team"

Dr. P. Nandagopal, CEO, India FirstLife Insurance, talks about boardroom challenges in the insurance industry and why Ceos across industries need to display boardroom leadership qualities
Q. As a result of industry dynamics, challenges vary from sector to sector. How are boardroom issues in the insurance industry unique as compared to other industries?
First of all, what...
Read More


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