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DTDIY Special The 'How to' Issue 2012

Industry leaders and experts answer questions on
Successfully addressing an issue requires an understanding of 'how to' handle it, before it actually arises. DTDIY talks to thought leaders and the who's who of the corporate world to learn out how... Read More

How to 'Handle Scams and Controversies'

Padma Bhushan Awardee Prabhu Chawla, who is currently the Editorial Director of The New Indian Express Group and hosts Teekhi Baat, a talk show on IBN7, talks about how Indian Media Houses should handle both "internal" and "external" controversies and scams
Q. The count of media houses has increased manifold over the past few years. This has led to an increase in competition. What do you think has been the outcome of such a development in terms of qua... Read More

How to 'Choose your Successor'

Besides being recognised as one of india's most admired it companies, infosys is well known for its approach towards succession planning. in this exclusive with dtdiy, kris gopalakrishnan, Executive co-chairman, infosys, discusses his vision for the future leaders of infosys
Q. From an outside perspective, it looks as if Infy is led more by a strong set of processes than by people. What has worked more for you?
The thing is people, process and technology ar...
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How to 'Bet on Alternative Energy'

Alternative energy isn't still the norm not just in India, but around the World. and even when we talk about Non-Fossil Fuels, we end up discussing only Nuclear Power. Solar is in too and ratul puri, the scion of the Moser Baer kingdom, refuses to believe otherwise.
Q. Moser Baer has now become the first Indian solar photovoltaic company to install 100 MW of solar power globally. How has the alternative energy business been performing for the company?
A. ...
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How to 'Lead in Uncertain Times'

In an uncertain world, strong leadership is needed more than ever, because in an environment where nothing seems authentic, employees look up to the leader for direction and stability. They need constant reaffirmation that their company and they are on the right track.
We live and operate in a highly complex and fast-changing world that is guided by globalisation. Between 1970 and 2007 the number of transnational companies grew from about 7,000 to 79,000 with close ... Read More

How to 'Build a Successful Retail Brand'

Armed with a background in Engineering and an Advanced Degree from Harvard Business School, Thomas Varghese, CEO, Aditya Birla Retail Ltd., tells DTDIY How he build the Retail Business during a time when the market was already dominated by well established retailers.
Q. At a time when organised retail is evolving in India, what is it that differentiates Aditya Birla Retail Limited (ABRL) from other hypermarkets?
At the end of the day you have to sta...
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How to 'Run a Successful Online Biz'

The exploding popularity of e-commerce has spawned successful business models for online firms to cash in on. Sabeer Bhatia, who sold his Internet start-up Hotmail to Microsoft for $500 million way back in 1997, talks to DTDIY about the business mantra to keep online firms ticking on.
Q. It's been over 15 years since you set up Hotmail. How has the online business evolved over these years?
The Internet-based business models were unproven in those days when Hotmail ca...
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How to 'Build a Brand in a Cluttered Market'

The Life of a Telecom operator in the Indian Market is a rather difficult one. Profits aren't easy to come by. But Deepak Gulati, CEO, TATA Docomo seems to have learnt the art of carving out a space for his brand in a cluttered Telecom Market. Excerpts from an Exclusive Interview with DTDIY
Q. What’s your winning strategy? How do you go about retaining customers in a competitive sector like telecom, and create differentiation for brand Tata Docomo?
If you are honest in you...
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How to 'Manage a Business in a Slowdown'

The last few years have been quite tough for him as well as the group, but then both have emerged as clear winners. Bijou Kurien, President & CEO (Lifestyle), Reliance Retail talks about how slowdown has been a huge learning experience for him, and why he doesn't see any reason to hold back expansion
Q. Three years ago, when recession hit the global retail industry, Reliance Retail had put a stop to all its expansion plans. Lately however, it has started expanding again, but in a more silent an... Read More

How to 'Innovate and become a World-Beater'

Prakash Iyer , MD of Kimberly Clark Lever, who has spearheaded the Company's Innovative plans for the past two years talks about the lack of innovation that is prevalent amongst Indian Corporations and why this needs to change for Indian Companies to rise on the Global Platform
Q. Innovation drives all industries ahead. Agreed. But from a company's perspective, adoption of a culture of innovation poses one of the biggest challenges to growth. Your take on this?
A. Read More


Q. Do you think your decision of starting Stargaze Entertainment has paid off?
I think yes. We've ended up as a a leading movie exhibition company with a dominant market share in tier 2...
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How to 'Deal with Egoistic Employees'

One of the most critical responsibilities of Managers today is to handle employees that are either demotivated or are disruptive. In both cases, Managers have to do exactly what they refrain from doing – NIP the problem in the bud
There are two broad problems that managers face within an organization. The first one is evidenced in poor motivation and performance and the second is evidenced in disruptive behaviours of employees ... Read More

How to 'Build a Successful Luxury Brand'

The basic principle for companies to build a powerful luxury brand is to identify a niche segment of affluent customers and devise offerings that are valued by those customers, says Manishi Sanwal, the man heading the marketing operations of LVMH’s watch and jewellery division in India
Q. Over the last two years, Tag Heuer has forayed into new segments. Won’t such brand extensions dilute your brand-equity as a luxury watch brand?
Even though Tag Heuer has forayed into...
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How to 'Take your Business to Tough Global Markets'

Considering the inherent weaknesses in the economy of the united kingdom today , Dr. Bruce Johnstone deliberates on the globalisation imperative for British SMES. However, the lessons he provides are quite universal and relevant for smes across the globe
Are you focussing on expanding internationally? If not, you may be missing the best opportunity for growth in the current economic climate. British firms doing well at the moment tend to be those that... Read More

How to "Win Customers as a New Brand"

The ascent of Micromax is a very interesting marketing case study to say the least. The most interesting part has been their use of aggressive pricing with smart positioning. Pratik Seal, Head-Marketing, shares how the company challenged the cash rich mncs in a crowded market
Q. In a relatively short span of over three years, Micromax has become a strong contender in the Indian mobile handset market. What was your strategy to tap rural and urban markets?
If ...
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