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THEORY I MANAGEMENT is a combined feature magazine based on Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Motivation issues, with The Human Factor magazine.

Issue Date - 01/03/2013
Case Study

PROF. K.K. SRIVASTAVA’S case focusses on ideological conflicts between Generation X and Baby Boomers. The author leaves the reader to debate who is right in today’s context.
Rajinder, the trusted manservant of Thakur household served Kishore Thakur his Sunday morning cuppa at 7 in the terrace garden. It was a routine followed since past many years.   ....Read More

The case discusses the pitfalls in adopting an e-HR system without prior legwork and without taking all stakeholders into confidence.
The Blackberry buzzed again. Meera knew it was her son, Akshat, calling. She had promised him that they would go out for the latest Harry Potter movie and then have a nice dinner at McDonald’s. But th   ....Read More

The case discusses the hypothesis that the organizational culture does not only shape an individual’s work culture; rather top leadership moulds the organisational culture itself.
The Jupiter stock gained 11.4% on the day the company announced Vivek Paul’s appointment as the Co-CEO and head of its marketing operations.   ....Read More

The case dwells on the brand identity of Rahul Gandhi, the prime ministerial Candidate of Congress Party. The question is: Is the image positive enough?
During election 2009 the turnover for the astrology industry alone was estimated to be Rs. 500-600 crore.   ....Read More

The case highlights the fact that technical competence is a necessary but not sufficient condition even in an IT based organization.
Satven (Satyam Venture Engineering Services Pvt.Ltd.) was started as a joint venture between Satyam Computer Services Ltd.    ....Read More

The authors’ case about a real company with a camoflauged name broadly comments on financial performance metrices.
Life is not so good at all times for the senior executives at the LIG (Life is good) Chemicals. On 7th of every month we can see 10 worrying faces in their finest suits on the breakfast table of a pl   ....Read More

The case highlights the fact that in impulse purchases pricing and packaging play vital role in luring the customers into buying.
While the changing environment creates new needs and wants, a proactive marketer perceives them before the others do.   ....Read More


The U.S. coffee chain Starbucks opened its 7th store in the country on 6th February this year. It said that the brand counted India among the top five global Starbucks market in time to come.    ....Read More

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